About EllisBearyLoved

Our mission is to raise awareness on all types of pregnancy and infant loss, by bringing grieving families together through support and education.



We honor and remember each lost child, while comforting grieving families through our comfort boxes. Each box includes items that are personalized for each child and mother, honoring their eternal bond.



We believe that the old adage is true- it does take a village. Healing can only occur when you are surrounded and supported by others, through community events that allow you to connect and network with others you can relate to.



We strive to raise awareness on the different causes of pregnancy and infant loss that can affect mothers and children. Through education, friends and family can support their loved ones through the grief process.


Our Team

This team is forging a new path on a mission to achieve EllisBearyLoved's goals. Meet the people behind EBL's work in the community.

Elizabeth Ortiz

Chair Person

Joshua Fermin


Carina Suarez


Founder's Statement


My name is Elizabeth Ortiz. 

When I was 13 weeks pregnant, my son was diagnosed with Omphalocele. This rare abdominal wall defect, affects the intestines, liver, and occasionally other organs, causing them to remain outside of the abdomen throughout gestation. My son, Ellisander Lorenzo Valerio, was born June 26, 2017 at 33 weeks old. He was born with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. On July 4th, 2017, I had the privilege of holding him in my arms, as he took his last breath. 

Ellisander lived for 8 days.

With grief, comes a cacophony of emotions- a sense of loss, anger, resentment, depression, and anxiety. And even though my family and I have struggled with these feelings, and still do, I know I could not let it define my child’s memory.

Grief is a journey, and while as a family it has been a challenge, it has also strengthened us as a family. Ellisander’s passing has touched each one us. This is why EllisBearyLoved was created.

On October 23, 2018, EllisBearyLoved became a not-for-profit organization. Our singular goal has been to support grieving families of pregnancy and infant loss by providing them with resources and comfort gifts.

These comfort gifts bring a sense of understanding, in letting families know that they are not alone in their grief journey. Each comfort box includes items such as personalized baby bracelets, keychains, teddy bears, journals, handmade candles, and so much more. Items change yearly based on donations, but the goal always remains the same- to heal and to honor.

And to support this mission, EllisBearyLoved hosts giveaways throughout the year when donations permit, as well as awareness and fundraiser events. Volunteers from different paths of life, come together to honor every child lost via their comfort box. 

“It takes a village”, applies to all stages of life, especially the grieving one. Join EllisBearyLoved in helping to comfort grieving families everywhere.


Meet the Founder


I am the CEO/Founder of Ellisbearyloved and a grieving mother. Starting this non-profit has been a way to help me grieve, honor my son, and honor all of the babies that have gone too soon. I also wanted to support the parents, grandparents, and siblings that have experienced infant loss.

Our mission is to bring focus to and raise awareness on the many types of pregnancy loss, miscarriage, and infant loss (0-1 year), as well as to support families experiencing these tragic losses. Since 2018, EllisBearyLoved has provided resources and gifts to families, in hopes that it will bring any amount of comfort. 

What our future looks like:

With support from individuals, communities, and funders, we hope to provide:

  • Pregnancy and infant loss resources.
  • Comfort gifts.
  • Mental health services and grief counseling with a 3-generational approach (parents, grandparents, and siblings).
  • Virtual and in-person support groups.
  • Bring awareness to pregnancy, infant loss, and all the reasons why they pass away (to family, friends, and the community overall).
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